Our Story

Our Story

The story of the Australian spirit comes from the tough, resilient nature of our citizens and is a celebration of our ability to grow in diverse conditions. Much like the amazing Australians that call our beautiful country home, Mountcastle Pty Ltd was forged in this diverse environment, meaning our products reflect the needs of the Australian landscape, and it’s people.

Established in 1835, Mountcastle Pty Ltd has been providing Australian’s with the best quality in headwear and shirting. It has remained Australian owned and operated since then, making Mountcastle one of Australia’s oldest operating manufacturers and registered companies.

We are proud of our heritage and that as we have grown, our mission had remained the same: to provide Australian’s big and small with durable garments of the highest quality. Due to the ever-increasing demand for Mountcastle products, we now produce a wide range of garments including corporate and school uniforms, hats, bags and other accessories.

Just like the Australian people, our products are tough and ready to endure anything life has to throw at us. Our dedication to our garments and customers means that when you buy a Mountcastle product, you know you’re buying the best.

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Our Ethics

Australian Trusted Trader

Mountcastle has achieved Australian Trusted Trader status certified by Australian Border Force & Australian Customs.

Business Sustainability

Mountcastle is committed to increasing the range and depth of product which meets the organisation’s commitment to sustainability, by constantly adding new and improved sustainable, recycled, or environmentally low impact products to its range.


Every aspect of a Mountcastle garment is free from toxic chemicals, pesticides and other substances that are harmful to human health. Both regulated and non-regulated substances are tested, going above and beyond standard national & international requirements.

Continual Improvement

Mountcastle is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our supply chains & manufacturing processes. Every year we conduct a company-wide audit to ensure our clients are getting the best quality service & product as possible.

Our Group of Companies

Experts in the industry for over 185 years.